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Partial Hospitalization Program is the most intensive level of outpatient treatment for substance use disorder.  PHP is appropriate for clients who have achieved initial sobriety from intoxicating substance use, have resolved acute withdrawal from intoxication and have a living environment supportive of sobriety.   The Partial Hospitalization Program includes 20 hours of treatment services per week. This level of care is offered as 5 hours of treatment services per day operating Monday through Friday.  The PHP phase of treatment is recommended for the first three weeks of treatment to establish a commitment to sobriety and develop the insight and skills to protect sobriety. Clients in the PHP level of care will attend all groups on the days they attend PHP.  This level of care will include psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, case management, service coordination, referral, psychotherapy, patient education, recovery skill development, urine drug screening, relapse prevention and family counseling as appropriate. 

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