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Adaego Recovery’s Supportive Outpatient (SOP) is a evidence-based program tailored to support individuals who do not require inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment care. This program is designed to offer flexibility while enabling individuals to seamlessly reintegrate into their work and school commitments.


Within the framework of our SOP treatment program, clients have the opportunity to delve into the exploration of their motives, values, and thoughts pertaining to their substance use. Through these evidence-based discussions, clients gain valuable insights, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and laying the groundwork for enduring change and personal growth.


The SOP program is specifically crafted to assist clients in sustaining their journey to recovery, providing a secure support structure to reinforce positive behaviors and enhance self-esteem. Individuals recommended for SOP may include those transitioning from intensive programs or those requiring post-residential treatment aftercare. These individuals typically possess a foundational understanding of addiction and the recovery process, engaging in counseling sessions twice a week to proactively prevent relapse.


We firmly believe that active participation in our evidence-based SOP treatment program empowers individuals to find healing, regain control over their lives, and establish a resilient foundation for a more promising future.

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