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Adaego Recovery Center outpatient treatment program is a therapeutic intervention and support program designed to provide outpatient treatment, accountability and support for persons engaged in recovery from substance use disorders. Adaego Recovery Center outpatient treatment program has been designed to provide an intensive level of outpatient intervention, support and accountability matched to the individual needs of the client.


Our programs provide comprehensive outpatient treatment services that include; screening, intake, assessment, treatment planning, psychotherapy, group therapy, family/relationship counseling, client/family education, life skills training, relapse prevention, educational/vocational planning, referral and service coordination.  


Adaego Recovery Outpatient Treatment Program begins with an initial screening to determine appropriateness and eligibility for admission to the program.  When the initial screening confirms the diagnosis of a substance use disorder in a patient who is appropriate for admission to an outpatient level of care the patient will be eligible for admission.


Our outpatient treatment program takes the client beyond the initial task of achieving sobriety into the development of a recovery lifestyle that empowers them to maintain sobriety and resolve the life problems that contributed to the development and maintenance of the substance use disorder. This comprehensive long term approach gives the client their best chance of maintaining sobriety throughout their lifespan.


At Adaego Recovery outpatient treatment program, you or your loved one will receive specialized treatment.


In person/virtual, and day/evening sessions available

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